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Cheap and free higth quality call with your pc


  • Quality of the sound,easy to use,multifunction


  • No video

Cheap and free higth quality call with your pc

This is a little application you can download and that allows you to make calls via your computer (PC to phone). Multilenguage and very easy to use work with codec g729 so the quality of the sound is very clear. Free call between users and realy cheap caal to the word.

Function phone to phone to connect 2 landline or mobile phones .

The sign up in the owner website allow to use many usefoul and powerfoul voip tool. Callback function,access number in more of 40 countrys,sms,virtual number,reseller program and admin person webpage for any user with self cusomizable caller id, call list and much more.

Anybody can use this phone and also is very usefoul for offices and enterprice for bisness multiaccount functions

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Telefonicaweb 1

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    "Fantastic site and very good services and utility"

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